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Goal in Sight: Goal Tender's main screen lists your goals, along with due-date countdowns and your progress to completion. Add daily or weekly tasks to each of these big goals to help keep on track with bite-sized actions. Here, the "Read Crime & Punishment" goal has a daily "Read a chapter" task. Tap Someday to browse long-term dreams, so you don't lose track of that goal to dogsled the Yukon.


Goal Tender Screenshot

Pilgrim's Progress: As you make your journey to your goal's completion, slide the progress bar in the goal's Details screen to show how far you've come. Every goal has its own journal where you can record your efforts and discoveries. This screen is also where you can add related weekly or daily goals.

Goal Tender
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Goal Tender

Version reviewed: 1.0.3

Don't let the small things you've gotta do today make you forget your grand plans for tomorrow. Goal Tender is a little app about the big picture, a tidy complement to the nitty-gritty task manager apps. Tap in the goal to accomplish, and watch the progress bar surge as you wind your way to completion. The app optionally stores your goals online, too, letting you see them in your Outlook 2007, iCal, or Google calendar.

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