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Vital Stats: The Details screen shows your flight's estimated times, as well as terminal and gate information if available. For flights in the air, the app even shows altitude and wind speed, cycling through that info in the top-right corner (where it says "en route" below). Tap Save to stow the flight for future reference. After you do that, the Save button is replaced by a plane icon; tapping it lets you email the flight's status details.


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Where In The World: Tap the Map button to see the flight's progress along its planned route. Some flight trackers do this only for US flights, but FlightTrack maps aircraft around the world. After you've saved a flight to your tracking list by tapping Save, a Refresh icon appears at the bottom of the screen to let you update the map and status details whenever you like.


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Current Conditions: The pro version lets you view current time, weather, and FAA alerts for arrival and departure airports. (Because the FAA covers only US airports, FlightTrack Pro doesn't provide airport for airports outside the States.)


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The Ones To Watch: Saved flights appear in the tracking list on FlightTrack's main screen. Tap a flight to see its status, or click Edit to remove flights from the list. If you use to manage your travel plans, FlightTrack Pro grabs flights from your account, listing them under their trip names for easy access. Tracking becomes available three days before the flight; later flights are grayed out.


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Travel Notes: Email the current status of any saved flight from its detail or map screen. FlightTrack launches the Mail app with a fresh email message containing all the details—a handy way to alert people on the other end when you'll arrive.

FlightTrack Pro
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FlightTrack Pro

Version reviewed: 1.2

FlightTrack does exactly what you'd expect, showing the status of any commercial flight around the world. For a $5 premium, the pro version also delivers welcome features for hardcore road warriors: Uncover possible delays by viewing weather and traffic conditions at airports; and if you use the excellent service to manage your travel, the pro version automatically monitors those flights for you, too.

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yes i found another one.
Real-time Airport Flight Information - flight arrival and departure time, destination, status and terminal gateway information are all with your iPhone and iPod touch.

I use Flight Track Pro in conjunction with TripIt website and TripDeck (which is also from Mobiata).
TripDeck stores much more information including hotel bookings, rental car hire, meetings and notes.

I email my flight receipt/itineraries and hotel bookings straight to tripit and they appear in both FlightTrackPro and TripDeck. Highly recommend.
The free TripIt iPhone app does have some of this info, but is not well presented

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