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Home Base: The Home screen shows your news feed, plus notifications and friend requests. Tap the profile button in the top left corner to post a status update. Browse your friends' complete activity by flicking through the full live feed, or zero in on status updates, photos, links, notes, or updates from specific groups. Comments are indicated with speech bubbles; tap to add your own.


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Gotta Be Me: The profile screen puts the focus on your own activity. Scan the wall to see your current status and recent activity. Post a new status update or upload photos to your profile. Tapping the Info or Photos tab brings up your profile details or photo albums.


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Profiles A-Poppin': The Friends screen lists all your Facebook chums. Tap a name to see a friend's profile, including his wall activity and photo albums, or to post a message to his wall. Craving more immediate contact? Tap the Chat icon from any screen to fire up a live chat with any friends currently signed into Facebook.


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Photo Finish: Tap the Photos tab from your profile to browse your own photo albums as well as pictures others have taken of you. (You can likewise see friends' photos from their profile screens, too.) Tap a photo to zoom in or add a comment. Upload fresh photos from any profile screen; you can take a new photo or choose one from your photo library.

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Version reviewed: 2.4

Squeeze your friends into your pocket with the official Facebook app. This compact view of the Facebook universe lets you check your friends' activity, add status updates or wall posts, start a live chat, and share new photos. Sorry, you can't use Facebook's many apps in this mobile version (no quizzes to find out your aura's color or what cartoon character you most resemble), but it's a handy way to keep your profile updated on the go.

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