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Home Cooking: The Home screen offers six recipe categories for browsing when you need inspiration, or tap "find a recipe" to summon the app's search screen to pinpoint something more specific. The categories are convenient and fit common wants, but it's too bad one of these valuable slots is taken by a redundant category shilling for an advertiser.


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Card Cuisine: Search results and category contents appear as recipe cards labeled with a four-fork reader rating. Swipe to flip through, or tap "view recipe" to see details and reviews. Tap + to save the recipe as a favorite, add it to your shopping list, or email the full text of the recipe. And this is clever: Turn the recipe on its side to display it in big text, with each step on its own screen—no need to squint while you cook.


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Tasty Icons: A cookbook is only as good as its index, and the same goes for a recipe app's search form. Epicurious nails this with a clever visual approach for focusing results. Tap a search category (main ingredient, for example) to reveal cute icons. Swipe to browse, then tap one to limit results to, say, duck recipes. You can also leave the icons alone and do a simple search in the search box.


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Personal Shopper: When you add recipes to the shopping list, the app helpfully organizes their ingredients by grocery department. Tap items to check them off as you make your way through the aisles. It's not perfect—items from different recipes often show up twice—but it's still a handy way to see all at once what you need for tonight's dinner.

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Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

Version reviewed: 1.0

Savor 25,000 recipes in a gorgeous wrapper, with online access to's collection from Bon Appétit, Gourmet, and other magazines. Heavy advertising may make you wish for a paid, ad-free version, and fans of the website will pine for their recipe boxes. But the app is otherwise delicious and even builds a shopping list for your selected dishes.

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I love this app - I love the website! I love the idea of a cookbook in my pocket. I like the shopping list, some other recipe apps don't include this feature.

Another great cooking app is called iFeast: Thanksgiving, and it allows users to keep track of their day — and preserve their sanity — by providing pre-programmed but fully customizable minute-by-minute prep and cook timings and instructions — with alerts — for preparing the perfect Thanksgiving Feast.

Features include:

- Prep and cook times and instructions for every aspect of the Thanksgiving meal – not only recipes, but also tasks such as setting the table and chilling the wine
- Notifications to alert you to a new task, even when the app is closed!
- Four pre-programmed menus: Novice, All at Once, Early Bird and Night Owl – choose these and amend as desired or create your own from scratch
- Shopping lists created from any of your pre-programmed or saved menus
- Over 20 classic Thanksgiving recipes – use simply as a guide for timings or to create your own Feast
- The ability to select the time you plan to eat – iFeast will alter all times accordingly

You can find out more about the app here: or here:

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