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Color samples: Choose a photo from your photo library, or snap one on the spot, and tap the tint you'd like to use as your primary color. ColorSnap shows you the closest matching Sherwin-Williams color, along with two suggestions for secondary colors. Tap the palette to see paint details, including the RGB number that describes its exact color.


ColorSnap Screenshot

Spectrum of options: Collect your palettes in one spot by tapping the Save button as you identify colors. The Saved Colors screen lets you review them all in one place. When you've made your pick, tap the Find Store button to find the closest US retailer selling these Sherwin-Williams colors.

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Version reviewed: 2.4

Painting the living room? This handy palette-builder lets you find inspiration in a photo, or match the curtains by snapping a picture. ColorSnap is a product of Sherwin-Williams, and it's aimed at selling you the paint manufacturer's products. But even if you go with another brand, the app is great for quick palette suggestions, and you can always use the provided color recipes to mix your palette with a competitor's blend.

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