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Feed me: Tap a toolbar icon on Reeder’s main screen to browse starred, unread, or all articles. (Here, the dot icon is selected, showing unread pages.) Starred articles are those you’ve marked as favorites. If you’ve organized your feeds into folders at the Google Reader website, those folders are shown here, too. Tap a folder name to browse its latest articles in chronological order, or tap the folder’s arrow button to list individual websites and browse each site’s feed separately.


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Sliders: Each folder’s list of articles displays headlines and a brief description. Tap an item to read the full summary, or motor through items you don’t care to read by sliding them to the right to mark them as read (repeat to mark them unread). Similarly, slide left to star or unstar articles as favorites. Tap the clock toolbar icon to browse all items chronologically, or the feed icon to organize them by website. Tap the checkmark button mark all of the feeds in the list as read.


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Details: An item’s detail page shows the complete text from the feed. (Some sites give you full article text, others just a quick summary.) Tap the headline bubble to visit the original article on the web, or use toolbar icons to toggle the item read/unread, or starred/unstarred. Arrow buttons take you to the next or previous article, but you can also tug the screen down to go to the previous item or tug it up to go to the next one.


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Built for action: Tap the action button at bottom right to see a bevy of options for slinging the article around the Internet. Send it to your Delicious, Instapaper, Read It Later, or Pinboard account, or share it via email, Twitter, or Google Reader. The app’s “mobilizer” options offer a stripped-down view perfect for the iPhone’s small screen. It all adds up to a powerful toolkit, and Reeder lets you customize the list to remove any you don’t use.

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Version: 2.0

Feed readers let you subscribe to your favorite websites, displaying their latest articles all together in a single easy-to-read format, almost like checking your email. The App Store is chockablock with feed readers, but a truly great one has been a long time coming. Reeder is the one. Version 2.0 introduces blazing fast downloads to match the elegance of the app's interface. Reeder syncs with your free Google Reader account (required), so that you can also follow your feeds from the Google Reader website or your fave feed-reading desktop software.

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